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In addition to my academic work, I am a Portuguese interpreter and specialise in consecutive interpreting at business meetings and translating various types of documents.

My professional background also extends beyond interpreting; I have earned a reputation for offering tailor-made Portuguese courses. These include both general and business-oriented curricula and are aimed at both individuals and corporate clients. In particular, I have given specialised Portuguese courses on cultural, business, political and sporting topics to a variety of groups, including Polish sports journalists, academic institutions and prestigious organisations such as the Royal Bank of Scotland and Jeronimo Martins Polska.

My interpreting services have been praised by a wide range of clients. From diplomatic missions of Angola to numerous trade delegations from Portugal and Brazil, I have been approached by high-level executives involved in the "Lisbon - Housing First project," delegates from the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, a well-known advertising agency and even the famous Leicester City football club.

Recently, I had the privilege of translating interviews with the former Portuguese coach of the Polish national football team.

I have also developed a long-standing relationship with the Future Centre Training Corporation. Over the years, I actively assisted in recruiting Portuguese-speaking candidates for international companies, both in Poland and worldwide, e.g. in South Africa.

I am proud to share that I co-authored more than 20 episodes dedicated to Brazil during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. You can access these episodes in the videos below.

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Grzegorz Hajdarowicz
Gremi International
Honorary Consul of the Federative Republic of Brazil in Kraków

Agata is a brilliant Portuguese teacher. She is broad minded and has a deep knowledge about Brazil and other Portuguese speaking countries. She possesses a winning combination of solid teaching skills and dedication. Very creative, dynamic and organized.
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