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Unlock the Secrets of Iberian Empires and Latin America: Join Me to Explore Colonial History, Contemporary Narratives, and Postcolonial Theories!

I lecture in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish

Jagiellonian University in Kraków

Faculty of International and Political Studies


Latin America in the XX century

Global and Development Studies Programme

Join me on an exciting journey of discovery through the vibrant history of Latin America in the 20th century! From the region's tumultuous revolutions to its transformative social and cultural movements, we'll explore the dynamic and diverse tapestry that has shaped this continent. We'll dive into the intricate interplay of politics, economics, and culture that has influenced Latin America over the past century, providing you with a deeper understanding of the historical forces that have both shaped the past and continue to influence the present. Let's unravel the Latin America's past together!


The history of descendants of Africans in Latin America

Latin American Specialization

Discover the diverse legacy of Afro-American History. From the Afro-indigenous communities that emerged in colonial Latin America, to the Afro-American cultures of today, we will delve into the complex and multifaceted story of the colonial and poscolonial history. We will explore the rich history of resistance and resilience among Afro-Latin American communities, as well as their enduring contributions to music, art, and literature. Come with me on this captivating journey through the African diaspora in Latin America, and gain a deeper appreciation for the unique and diverse cultural heritage of this vibrant region.

Warsaw University

Institute of Iberian and Ibero-American Studies

Department of Brazilian Studies

Chrystus odkupiciel

​As pesquisas mais recentes acerca da história, cultura e religião do Brasil

Stos gazet

As mídias brasileiras


Los estudios poscoloniales - las teorías y su aplicación en América Latina

Budynek chińsko-portugalski

Experiências coloniais e pós-coloniais nos países da língua portuguesa

Pisanie piórem

Escrita acadêmica em português


La situación actual en América Latina


Problemas sócio-políticos no Brasil


Metodología de la investigación histórica acerca de los imperios ibéricos


Português Prático (Intermediário e Avançado)

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